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About us

I have dry skin and I have already tried at least a hundred different types of soaps and creams. I wouldn't say that I found a really good one among them. Liquid soaps, shampoos were even worse. They dried out not only my body, but also my hair and scalp. What's more, I also had eczema on my hands for a while. It was then that I decided that I would no longer use any chemicals and would prefer natural cosmetics that would restore the skin to its health.
I first came across handmade soaps at farmers markets and was amazed at how good quality soap can be made from just vegetable oils and fats without any chemicals, kerosene, artificial foamers or fragrances. These soaps do not contain the very ingredients that lead to irritation and drying of the skin. And it doesn't even require a mystical laboratory to produce them.
It's amazing.
I immediately fell in love with natural soaps, learned how to make them, and have been making my own soaps ever since. I look for inspiration for their production in nature, in the seasons and in the scent of miraculous essential oils.

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